The Unnecessary Pressure Involved In Celebrations

It can be seen in the world today, that everyone has become competitive in almost every aspect in life. Be it education, a career or the celebration of an event, people seem to want to compete with each other in order to get the upper hand. In addition to this, it’s also sad to see how affected people are by other people’s opinions, judgments and ideas. These seemed to be valued to quite an extent and it’s shocking to see the lengths that people will go to in order to satisfy those around them. This can be seen especially at celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties, seasonal celebrations etc. Now one may think, how is it possible to be competitive when organizing such events? Why would one be competitive? Why would one get so stressed out about something that doesn’t make such a massive impact on anyone and exists almost solely for the purpose of enjoyment?

The reason is because people have gotten obsessed with the idea that they have to ‘impress’ everyone else. If one person throws a grand party, the next one to throw a party has to make their event even more extravagant. As childish as it seems, it is done for purposes of self-satisfaction; of knowing that people are going to gawk and gush at your event and that you will have the upper hand over someone else’s event. In addition to the unnecessary stress that goes into planning all this, there are a whole load of other factors that are at play, and eventually, it’s just not worth the hassle.People spend exorbitant sums of money on their events imply to make it a much spoken about event. Imagine the amount of money wasted on a venue for the party, as some people pay huge sums of money to host their celebrations at five star hotels, or may spend loads of money on luxury catering services serving all sorts of expensive food.

Then we come to decorations which is another drain of money if you want to be extravagant. It’s not that one shouldn’t go all out if it makes them happy; by all means if it makes you happy one should go ahead and do it, but if it’s for the purpose of impressing other people while it stresses you out immensely, it’s really not worth it. In most situations, some expenses are needed for example a wedding video and photographs, or videos and photographs of an event, as memories are always valued. However, it should be noted that photography and affordable wedding videography Brisbane services may charge way more than required and your budget will suffer. It should be noted that a lot of these services may rip you off simply to earn their profits. Always have references whom you can consult regarding the quality of their services.There’s no harm in organizing an event and hiring good services for decent prices, and having a pleasant event, rather than spending over your budget for something that just adds pressure on to you.